Helpful Tips for Buyers of Real Estate

Helpful Tips for Buyers of Real Estate

Whether you are a first time buyer or moving up, buying a home can be stressful.  We are here to help make the complicated process of buying a home as simple, easy and stress free as possible.  

These are some tips to take the stress out of home buying:

1.  Remember, there is no “right” time to buy, just as there’s no perfect time to sell.  If you find a home now, don’t try to second guess interest rates or the housing market by waiting longer – you risk losing out on the home of your dreams.  

2.  Don’t ask for too many opinions.  It’s natural to want reassurance for such a big decision, but too many ideas from too many people will make it much harder to make a decision.  Focus on the wants and needs of your immediate family – those people who will be living in the house.

3.  Accept that no house is ever perfect.  If it is in the right location, the yard may be a bit smaller than you had hoped or the kitchen may be perfect, but the roof may need repair.  Make a list of your top priorities and focus on those things that are most important to you.  Let the minor ones go.

4.  Remember your house doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Don’t get so caught up in the physical aspects of the house itself – room size, kitchen, etc – that you forget about other important issues as outside noise levels, location to amenities, and other aspects that also have a big impact on your quality of life.

5.  Lastly, plan ahead.  Don’t wait until you’ve found a home and made an offer to get approved for a mortgage, investigate home insurance, and consider a schedule for moving.  Presenting on offer contingent on a lot of unresolved issues will make your bid much less attractive to sellers.  

Hopefully we have answered a few of your questions regarding buying a home.  This is an exciting time for you, again we want to make it fun!  To get started with the listings of homes for sale look at the “Communities” Tab above or go the the “Top Picks” tab and look at those options.  You can also sign up to receive Email Alerts so whenever a home becomes available that fits your “must haves” you’ll be the first to know. Again, give us a call to start your home buying search.  Bob Peralta – (209) 957-1858